About Us

In 2006 the residents of Wenlock Barn Estate (Wenlock Barn & Windsor Terrance Estates) claimed the legal right to manage our homes and formed a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). The TMO gets an allowance from Hackney Council to carry out Housing Management, cleaning, grounds maintenance (gardening) and day to day repairs.

Wenlock Barn TMO is the largest Tenants Management Organisation in Hackney managing 1,474 Council Properties, and certainly one of the large TMOs in the Country.

Since 2006 when the TMO was set up, our services have been provided by contractors. However on 1st April 2014, the TMO retained the delivery of all services apart from repairs, and directly employed all its 26 staff.

The TMO is directed by a team of fourteen volunteer board members who live in the community and care about providing a good service for the community. Members of the board work tirelessly to ensure that residents receive the best possible service that is value for money. They are also a voice for residents and the community.

As an award winning TMO, at the National Federation of TMOs in June 2014, Wenlock Barn TMO won the National Award for Involving the Community, and in May 2015, also won the Hackney Homes Active Residents Award for Community Project of the year.

The TMO sponsors a number of community groups which include the Growing Kitchen, 50 Plus Club, Murray Grove Youth Forum, and Food to Share. These groups are established with residents in mind, as a way of creating new communities, empowering residents to take control of their own activities and bringing people together. Each year the TMO organises Seaside Trips, Fun Days, Street Festivals and other activities for residents.

We would like to increase the TMO membership and invite all residents to get involved in participating and supporting the TMO. If you would like to be a TMO Member, please complete the application form below. The life membership fee is a one off payment of 10pence.