Wenlock Barn Youth Forum

Wenlock Barn Youth Forum are a diverse group of young people aged 10 to 19 with an interest in their community and the desire to make a difference. Their purpose is being a voice of young people in their community. Ensuring effective dialogue between young residents, their landlord and other stakeholders. Bridging the gap between young people and adults in Wenlock Barn TMO Estate Hackney. Working to recognize, address and meet the needs of young residents in Murray grove area. Role model, Inspire and motivate young people. To give young people opportunities to challenge the assumed services offered to them and create a format for the services they need.

We started 12 young people from the Murray Grove area has been recruited on the youth forum but we have 8 fully committed young people, the youth forum member are very diverse group Turkish, white British, black African, black Caribbean and French. We have so far engaged with over 120 youths in the local area.

The aim of the youth forum is:

  • To give young people opportunities to challenge the current services offered to them.
  • Inspire and motivate young people.
  • Support young people to become actively involved with a local area and develop projects that young people identify with.
  • To engage and encourage young people to become involved with issues that concern them and so become active citizens in their communities.